Google Setting Itself to Square Off Against Apple

Michael Vizard
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Google Versus Apple: The Big Showdown

Unless Google gets more aggressive about addressing fundamental Android issues, Apple may ultimately win the mobile computing battle.

It seems pretty clear at this point that Apple is starting to pull away from the mobile computing pack, especially in the enterprise. And yet, a new survey of 2,012 developers conducted by International Data Corp. on behalf of Appcelerator, a provider of application development tools for building mobile computing applications, finds that Google is still hanging tough.


The reason for this is that beyond the open-source nature of the Google Android platform, a large percentage of the developer population appears to be convinced that Google will leverage its latest foray into social networking to bolster its mobile computing efforts. Google+ already has over 25 million members signed up, which makes it a serious competitor to Facebook. But what developers seem to see clearly, says Scott Schwarzhoff, Appcelerator vice president of marketing, is how the success of Google+ will eventually lead to more adoption of Google Android systems that will feature one-touch access to that social network in much the same way Google Android platforms today provide Gmail access.


As the survey notes, there is still a host of issues with Android, including the user experience, integration with the smartphones it runs on and the fragmentation of the platform. Also, it isn't clear what Apple's ambitions in the social networking space might actually be. But as time marches on, it's clear these two titans are heading for a showdown that could define the nature of computing both inside and outside of the enterprise for years to come.


Right now, it appears that developers are betting on both companies to win. The challenge is going to be figuring out how to leverage all the momentum surrounding these platforms to derive real business value for somebody other than just the shareholders of Google and Apple stocks.

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