Going to the Mobile Applications Mall

Michael Vizard

Everybody by now is familiar with the concept of buying mobile applications at an online store. But what about visiting an application superstore that carries applications for a whole range of devices?

That's the concept behind mCore Marketplace being launched today by Motricity, which provides Internet services to a broad range of mobile carriers. Jim Ryan, chief strategy and marketing officer for Motricity, envisions a world where individuals and companies will want a common source for applications for a broad range of devices, rather than those tied to a specific carrier.

Ryan acknowledges that the current world of mobile applications is fairly closed, with Apple iPhones and Blackberry devices from Research in Motion dominating the corporate scene. But as platforms such as Google Android gain traction, Ryan sees that world opening up.

Motricity also is launching mCore Connect, which gives carriers a single interface through which they can manage diverse e-mail systems and social networks, and Campaign Manager, which makes it easier to manage marketing campaigns across diverse networks and platforms.

While Motricity may have grand ambitions to become the "Amazon of mobile computing applications," it's clear we're on the cusp of dramatic change in the way we think about buying devices and applications versus just contracting for services.

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