Gaining Control over the Cloud

Michael Vizard
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The State of Cloud Computing Adoption

End users and IT services companies are closely aligned on what they hope to get from the cloud.

One of the things that has always concerned IT organizations about cloud computing is the practical challenges associated with managing it on a daily basis. After several high-profile outages of cloud computing services, a lot of IT organizations are naturally wondering if they have the right tools and processes in place to manage a cloud computing environment.


To help IT organizations address these issues, BMC Software has upgraded its BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management offering to provide tighter integration with its capacity planning and performance management tools.


The core issue that IT organizations face, says Lilac Schoenbeck, senior manager for cloud computing marketing at BMC Software, is that many of them are being asked to adopt cloud computing without having had the time to really consider the impact of that decision on their internal IT operations.



Schoenbeck says that IT organizations need a lot more visibility into systems and processes in the cloud because it's not always easy to identify the cascading effects any one event might have on delivering any number of IT services.


The upside of cloud computing, however, is that it forces the IT organization to modernize its processes around the delivery of those services versus simply trying to make sure a particular machine is up and running. In effect, Schoenbeck says that means that cloud computing forces the IT organization to take a more mature approach to managing their IT operations.


But before any of that happens, Schoenbeck says IT organizations need to make sure that the tools they have in place today can actually meet the changes to process requirements that are incumbent with any move to cloud.

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