Employees Need Easy and Secure Way to Share Files

Michael Vizard

Seems like the fact that employees are using Dropbox.com's services to not only share their personal files with others, but also corporate information with their colleague is suddenly on every IT manager's radar screen.

Obviously, sharing information via a service such as Dropbox represents a major potential security breach. After all, Dropbox makes it pretty clear that it has minimal security policies in place because it's trying to serve the needs of consumers rather than corporate customers. But because corporate customers, out of either habit or necessity, are using Dropbox, IT managers are being asked to come up with secure alternatives to DropBox.

One such service is WatchDox, which just added support for BlackBerry devices from Research In Motion and iPhone and iPad devices from Apple.


According to Adi Ruppin, WatchDox vice president of business development and marketing, one of things that makes WatchDox unique is that it can convert files from one format to another, which makes it a whole lot easier for users of different types of devices to share files.

For better or worse, both WatchDox and Dropbox are examples of the consumerization of IT. The challenge confronting IT organizations everywhere is how to effectively embrace these technologies in a way that boosts employee productivity without actually compromising security. The good news is that as more enterprise-class services in the cloud start to make themselves more apparent, the task is becoming much easier.

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Jul 29, 2011 1:04 AM Ashley Ashley  says:

Instead of actually storing files in the cloud and setting yourself up for getting your files hacked, you can actually use a software where you stream through the cloud temporarily. I'm testing out HomePipe right now and I really like it. Like you said, security is of the utmost importance in a business setting and I know they have a really strong security background.

Aug 16, 2012 10:34 PM Ciara Hamagishi Ciara Hamagishi  says:
Sharing confidential business files using a solution like Dropbox can indeed be risky. A good option is to use enterprise level document management software that allows you to assign and manage role based privileges for access to files. Even if you have a small to medium sized business with only a few dozen employees, you can find it useful, especially a program like Globodox. So far as disaster readiness is concerned, it allows you to backup your document databases online. And you can access your documents remotely through a web browser based client, using an Internet connection. Reply

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