Data Quality Becomes a Cloud Service

Michael Vizard

Data quality is a lot like housekeeping: If you can at all afford to have somebody else do it for you, it is infinitely a better use of your time.

While there are a number of services available that will improve the quality of your data once you get the data there, there are not many that will actually come and collect your data, clean it and then tell you exactly from where your data quality issues are emanating.

BackOffice Associates is taking its data quality service to the cloud in the form of a new QCloud platform that automatically pulls data from a customer's production system, puts it in a replica of those systems in the cloud, runs it through a data quality process and then returns it to the customer along with a data quality report identifying the root cause of potential issues.


BackOffice Associates CEO Trish Kennedy says QCloud is indifferent to the database being used in the production environment. Customers, of course, can opt to run the data quality software from BackOffice Associates on their own premise, but the cloud created an opportunity for BackOffice to expand its service in a way that does not require customers to install duplicate IT infrastructure to address data quality issues.


QCloud itself is part of a larger industry effort to ensure that data quality becomes a seamless IT process, as opposed to a process that never gets taken care of because it requires a separate set of processes to execute.

As Kennedy notes, there is a lot of frustration these days with data quality. But as much as companies like to complain about this issue, the problem will not go away on its own accord. The next best thing just might be outsourcing the whole problem to a service in the cloud that is more than happy to clean up after you.

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Sep 19, 2011 11:49 AM Dylan Jones (Editor - Data Quality Pro) Dylan Jones (Editor - Data Quality Pro)  says:

I think this is definitely part of a growing trend.

Behind the scenes I've spoken to a large number of data quality vendors who are busy building cloud-based options in the event that the market swings in this direction.

If other sectors are a marker, it's clear it's not a matter of if but when.

We recently featured a practical guide on how to build a cloud-based data quality solution here:

Interesting times ahead...


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