Cloud Computing Gains Acceptance

Michael Vizard
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Cloud Computing Starts to Mature

The emphasis in the cloud is shifting from public to private cloud computing deployments.

There's obviously a lot of hype surrounding cloud computing these days. However, slowly but surely, core concepts of cloud computing appear to be sinking in.

A new study of 573 C-level executives conducted by Kelton Research on behalf of the IT services firm Avanade finds that 74 percent say they are dedicating up to 30 percent of their annual IT budgets to cloud computing, which makes it the number one priority on the IT agenda followed closely by security.

Of course, there are still many interpretations of what cloud computing exactly is, which the Avanade study doesn't really define the context of in this survey. But even so, Larry Beck, a senior director at Avanade, notes that the survey not only shows a surprising amount of interest in cloud computing among midmarket companies, it also shows that cost reduction is no longer the primary driver. Instead, it appears that IT organizations have come to appreciate the flexibility afforded by cloud computing.


Beck warns, however, that with the growing acceptance of cloud computing, IT organizations need to be on guard for cloud sprawl. That usually manifests itself in the form of multiple software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications that are redundant to each other, or development organizations firing up virtual servers on insecure public cloud computing services.

Even accounting for some internal political gamesmanship around exactly what constitutes cloud computing, it's clear that corporations are starting to internalize the basic concepts. To what degree they are truly embracing cloud computing is highly debatable. When it comes right down to it, cloud computing is going to be a long journey, but at least we can say that many IT organizations are now stumbling in the right general direction.

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