Closing the Cloud, Mobile, Social Networking Gap

Michael Vizard

One of the problems the average company today has with developing anything that looks like a custom application is all the complexity involved. First, the application needs to be built and then deployed somewhere, and chances are it will later need to be tweaked to accommodate a specific mobile computing platform or social media environment.

The folks at LongJump, a provider of a database-in-the-cloud environment for building applications, want to help customers circumvent most of that process. The company this week has LongJump Javelin, which is a set of tools for taking an application developed on the LongJump application and deploying it on a mobile computing device, and LongJump Relay, which can be used to add a social networking interface to any LongJump application.

LongJump CEO Pankaj Malviya says these tools can make a LongJump application compatible with a mobile computing or social networking environment in a matter of minutes with no additional coding required, which he says means the organizations that adopt LongJump can win the application development trifecta by combining cloud computing, mobile computing and social networking under one easy-to-use, common database framework.


LongJump was designed to be one of the first online database environments for building applications using a platform-as-a-service (PaaS) in the cloud. Ultimately, Malviya maintains that having to maintain separate instances of the same application for cloud, mobile and social networking environments is not going to be a viable option for most organizations.

While the whole PaaS category is still being defined, Malviya says that LongJump is specifically designed to meet the requirements of small-to-medium business (SMB) organizations that need to develop custom applications but don't want to make substantial investments in IT equipment. As the perceived complexity associated with developing cloud computing, mobile computing and social networking applications increases, Malviya is betting that more companies will look for a PaaS environment to help streamline the entire application development process in a way that makes applications not only more accessible, but also more manageable.

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Sep 30, 2011 6:20 AM Octavian Paler Octavian Paler  says:

'Social Networking' and 'Cloud Computing' used to be two entirely different topics. You first had to understand the concept of cloud computing and figure out how it can be useful to run social network. Now thanks to LongJump anybody can combine pay per click management software, cloud computing, mobile computing and social networking under one easy-to-use, common database framework.

Oct 13, 2011 9:21 AM Brin Parker Brin Parker  says:

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