Charting the Social Graph Valuation of the Business

Michael Vizard

The fact that individuals have relationships on social networks that can be identified using tools to create so-called "social graphs" is not all that new. But now there are tools emerging that allow an organization to roll up all that information to create a social graph for the entire organization.

A new update to social enterprise software from Reachable, which is based on graph engine technology originally developed for, can now keep track of over 100 billion business connections within existing and potential customers, in addition to suppliers and any number of business partners.

According to Reachable CEO Al Campo, the most compelling thing about that is not only can an organization get a sense of who knows whom within their organization, they can evaluate the impact a potential new employee may have on the graph. At the same time, they can also more readily evaluate the potential impact a loss of an employee might have on the business as well.

Tools such as social graphs are clearly moving from being exercises in social networking egotism to becoming valuable extensions to any organization's customer relationship management (CRM) system.

Campo says that Reachable’s goal is to essentially become the Google for business relationships. Obviously, it may take some time to pull that off. But many of the assets a business has that were once considered intangible are increasingly becoming measurable, if not downright tangible. As that trend line continues, it will be interesting to see how social graphs start to influence not only who gets hired, but perhaps more importantly, how the whole organization actually gets valued.

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