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Michael Vizard
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As business intelligence software becomes more widely used, it was only a matter of time before these applications started showing up on smartphones.

For example, Birst, a provider of business intelligence software as a service, today announced that users can access a new Birst Mobile software-as-a-service using Apple iPhone, RIM BlackBerry and Google Android smartphones and other mobile computing devices.

Birst CEO Brad Peters said Birst was initially surprised to see all the interest in accessing its service via smartphones, but as new types of users discover BI software, many of them are mobile professionals. Birst, like so many other new BI services, is focused more on serving the BI needs of the average business executives than traditional business analysts that tend to favor on-premise BI application software from companies such as SAP, IBM, SAS Institute and others.



One of the benefits of this approach, said Peters, is that it eliminates the need to use PCs to remotely access BI application software that needs to be synchronized with an application on the PC. A smartphone application allows a smartphone user to directly access the application over a wireless network.

With the proliferation of BI software, IT organizations are increasingly dealing with variable needs of different classes of BI users. As such, they will need to develop a more comprehensive approach to BI application software that is likely to be anchored around a federated model that spans multiple types of BI application software.

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Jul 15, 2010 1:48 AM phil mccormack phil mccormack  says:

With the introduction of the iPad, this means more scope for BI on the move.  The problem remains the same though, you must 'publish the right data' to borrow a phrase.

Jul 16, 2010 5:36 AM iPhone Application Development iPhone Application Development  says:

As you move through your day to day life it can be a very beneficial to look through your "iPhone development" glasses, which can help lead you to possible opportunities at every corner of your life. From when your sitting in your car to when your at work, think of ways that an iPhone app could make your life easier. Business experts say the best businesses stem from solving problems and the iPhone is no different!

Jul 20, 2010 7:00 AM Lindsey Harmon Lindsey Harmon  says:

Great post, Michael.  I am really looking forward to your posts as more and more BI software is available via mobile devices. I am curious to find out what implications it will have for IM professionals. On another note, we have a community for IM professionals ( that discusses related topics and we have bookmarked this post for our users.  Looking forward to reading more of your work and sharing with our community.

Jul 21, 2010 6:05 AM Business Intelligence Business Intelligence  says:

Microstrategy is putting all their dollars on the iPad, and they are adventing it as the new wave in BI (mainframe, client/server, web, mobile). They believe mobile will be the platform of the future of Business Intelligence. On the website there is poll in place 'Does BI goes mobile?' to measure how end users of BI will see it and what their opinion is.


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