BPM Comes to CRM

Michael Vizard

As more IT organizations start to think in terms of business processes rather than applications, many of them are starting to rethink their entire approach to supporting the business. When you get right down to it, customer management is really at the front end of a series of business processes. So logically many businesses are starting to look for a new approach to customer relationship management software (CRM) that is fundamentally more extensible than most CRM applications.


Pegasystems is trying to tap into that trend with the release of an upgrade to its CRM framework, called Customer Process Manager, that is built on top of the company's business process management (BPM) platform. That framework, says Amy Bethke, director of product management for Pegasystems, is intended to make it easier to deploy CRM in the context of a larger business process without requiring customers to build the entire application from the ground up.


As more IT organizations continue to grapple with the business challenges created by trying to integrate diverse sets of applications across multiple business processes, many of them are simply considering starting over. In many cases, that may be easier than said than done. But for those looking for a more flexible IT approach to managing custom business processes, Pegasystems is trying to reduce the risk by delivering sets of application frameworks that take less time to implement something of real business value.


BPM might not be for everybody. But companies that plan to truly differentiate themselves around custom business processes will find it indispensable because the alternative is to execute the same business processes as everybody else who bought the same canned packaged application.


Of course, you could customize the packaged application. But once you go down that path, you might as well have started with a BPM platform that was truly designed to be customized in the first place.

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