Big Data Analytics Application Democratizes Hadoop

There's not much point in investing a lot of time and effort in new framework for mastering Big Data if it costs an arm and a leg to get started and then once it's complete requires hiring a "data scientist" to make it work.

Datameer today is taking on those challenges with the release of workgroup and personal editions of the company's namesake analytics application for Big Data environments.

Datameer 2.0 is designed to make it easier to visualize massive amounts of Hadoop data. The biggest benefit of Hadoop, says Datameer CEO Stefan Groschupf, is that it eliminates both the need to extract, transform and load (ETL) data and the need to pre-optimize that data to fit the narrow constraints of an existing analytics application. The Datameer analytics application, says Groschupf, works directly against the raw data stored in Hadoop.


With the two new additions, Groschupf says Datameer is trying "democratize" access to Hadoop data using an application the neither depends on a cumbersome MapReduce interface nor an antiquated SQL interface. The whole point, adds Groschupf, is to deliver technology in a way that actually gets out of the way of people who need to use it.

While other analytics and business intelligence applications have seen the need to connect to Hadoop, Groschupf notes that Datameer is the only one of them written from the ground up specifically for Hadoop using a self-service, drag-and-drop spreadsheet that most business users are instantly comfortable with. To extend that capability, Datameer 2.0 also now includes a new Business Infographics Designer tool that allows customers to take advantage of HTML5 to customize how data is presented on any device.

When it comes to Big Data in general and Hadoop in particular, there's no doubt that there's a massive amount of interest. The challenge is finding a way to deliver on all that promise in a way that doesn't come across as yet another IT science project gone horribly wrong.

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