Analyzing the Wisdom of the Crowds

Michael Vizard

Gathering the wisdom of the crowds in one thing, analyzing it is quite another.

Crowdcast, which makes a crowdsourcing application for the enterprise, has added an Executive Dashboard that helps executives make sense of the information being gathered from employees using the Crowdcast application.

The dashboard is designed to help managers visualize all the information in the Crowdcast application, which is used to pose certain questions about the status of the business and the likelihood of forthcoming events, such as whether a product will ship on time.

The new dashboard, says Crowdcast CEO Mat Fogarty, gives managers an analytics tool for sorting through data. But rather than using a classic analytics tool against structured data, the dashboard is designed to help managers visualize potential scenarios based on all the information available to company employees.



Crowdcast is attempting to provide business managers with a set of tools that overcomes the barriers to information flow that plagues most businesses. While rank-and-file employees tend to have access to the most relevant and new information, much its significance is lost as it flows up through successive layers of management. By giving employees a tool to more broadly share that knowledge in return for various incentives, Crowdcast is trying to apply the concept of crowdsourcing to affect business outcomes.

We have heard the old adage that if we only knew what we already know, we could be dangerous. Crowdcast is trying to give managers the tool they need to actually figure out what the company intuitively knows already.

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