Latman: The Disdainful Sneer of an Unprincipled Tech Exec

Last month, I wrote a couple of blog posts about Richard Keith Latman, a convicted felon and software company CEO who has written a book called "The Good Fail," in which he attempts to portray himself as someone who has learned from his failures and who has embarked on an altruistic path to share life's lessons with others. In the process of unmasking that deception, I wrote about his outright refusal to pay a $1.5 million legal settlement he owes the state of Washington as a result of his shady business dealings there. As disgusted as I was by that crookedness before, I'm even more disgusted by it now.


The reason is that I have since learned from a knowledgeable source about Latman's obscene spending and the extravagant lifestyle he enjoys, all with shameless disregard for the debt he owes the people of the state of Washington. The source provided this disturbing account of Latman's lifestyle, a grand living arrangement for someone who runs a company that makes software for car dealerships:

Since I have known him, I have always been appalled by Mr. Latman's lavish spending in spite of his unpaid debts. I also question where his income actually comes from. Since 2007 with the collapse of the financial infrastructure and closure of many car dealerships, his income appears to have been steadily increasing.


He has leased a new, luxury car every two years or less. These cars include: 2012 Mercedes CLS 63 AMG, 2010 Porsche Panamera 4S, 2010 BMW 750i X-drive, 2 Cadillac STS's, Cadillac Escalade, and others. He bought a brand new Chevy Cruze for his son on his 16th birthday and one for his full-time housekeeper as well. He currently lives in a 6-bedroom, 11,000 sq ft house. He spends lavishly on his numerous vacations that he takes every year, staying only in the most expensive hotels and resorts. His three children attend private schools at a cost of $21,000 per year each. He buys the latest gaming systems as soon as they are released. He waits in line for every new Apple product and buys one each for each of his children. They have each had every iteration of each iPhone and iPad, and some versions of the MacBook and iPod, despite their young ages (currently 16, 13, and 12).


He's a pretty vindictive guy and has lawsuits pending against at least several people, along with a few pending or recently settled against himself. He must spend at least tens of thousands of dollars per year in legal costs alone. He dilutes the searchable information about himself online with articles and blogs that he writes about himself. He publishes untrue statements about others with whom he has conflict.


Overall, his behavior seems targeted to making the most money for himself for the purpose possibly simply of making it look like he has more money. He does not seem to own any of the cars or houses that he uses. I don't quite understand it, but at the same time feel like something is very wrong. Honest Americans are done a disservice when someone so brazenly thumbs their nose at our legal system.

I couldn't agree more. Too many people work too hard to make an honest living by following the rules, and sacrifice to pay their debts along the way. By his shameless actions, Latman is disdainfully sneering at every one of them.

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