Skype App Vulnerability Found on Android Phones

Sue Marquette Poremba

If you use Skype on your Android phone, you may want to think twice.


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Ensure your Android device and personal data are protected. discovered a vulnerability in the Skype app that leaves all sorts of personal data-from your Skype username to phone account information and anything on your phone, really-open to anyone who might end up getting access to your phone.


Or, as an article in PC World stated:

That means that, if you were to unknowingly download a malicious app, it could be used to access all of that information from your phone. Your credit card data is not at risk, but-as you can see-plenty of personal information is up for grabs.

Skype is currently working on a fix, and its official release warned users to be careful about the apps they download. Of course, that's easier said than done-it is hard to tell a safe app from an unsafe one. I (along with other security folks) recommend installing software like Lookout on your phone that scans everything and runs virus checks.


The PC World article also recommended the following tip to keep from downloading bad apps:

You also want to check the permissions of any app you're running on your phone. As soon as you install an app on your Android phone, you'll see a screen telling you what the app will access-anything from your location to your network communication and phone calls. Don't just click through this screen: read it carefully and make sure the app in question actually needs all of the data it is accessing. (If you want to check the access of apps that are already installed, you can do so by going into Settings and then selecting Applications on most Android phones.) Do not install or remove any apps that request questionable permissions.

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