Researchers Find Seemingly Indestructible Botnet

Sue Marquette Poremba

The title of a recent article, "Security Researchers Discover the Mother of All Botnets," piqued my interest. You see a title like that and how can you not look, right? But a botnet worse than Zeus? Or worse than Stuxnet or Rustock? A botnet so bad that you call it the "Mother of All Botnets"? Yikes.


This is what had to say:

A new strain of the TDSS malware has been pegged as "the most sophisticated threat" to computer security in the world today by a Kaspersky Labs researcher and is being used to slave more than 4.5 million PCs in a massive botnet that's equipped with an "anti-virus" to prevent other bot-creating viruses from taking it over.

Called "TDL-4," it is considered by Kaspersky Labs and other security researchers to be seemingly indestructible.

According to a Computerworld article, Kaspersky Labs researcher Sergey Golovanov said:

For one thing, said Golovanov, TDL-4 infects the MBR, or master boot record, of the PC with a rootkit -- malware that hides by subverting the operating system. The master boot record is the first sector -- sector 0 -- of the hard drive, where code is stored to bootstrap the operating system after the computer's BIOS does its start-up checks.

The botnet is targeting Windows PCs, and according to an article at BBC, 4.5 million PCs have been infected over the past 3 months, since TDL-4 arrived. The BBC article added:

The TDL virus spreads via booby-trapped websites and infects a machine by exploiting unpatched vulnerabilities. The virus has been found lurking on sites offering porn and pirated movies as well as those that let people store video and image files.

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