Month of Bugs Comes to an End

Sue Marquette Poremba

Now that the calendar has turned to October, the Month of Abysssec Undisclosed Bugs has come to an end (I sure wish I could say that for bed bugs and stink bugs, as well . . .). And the results?


Vulnerabilities were found in Microsoft Excel and Explorer, various Adobe products (again), Java, Apple QuickTime, and Firefox, among many other things.


I encourage readers to check out the details of Abysssec's experiment. It's eye opening, largely because, as I stated before, just about everybody has a vulnerability. The problem is the not everybody will accept that their software or OS is fallible-both companies and users. In most situations I tend to be fairly optimistic, but when it comes to security, I think erring on the side of pessimism or playing a strong defense is wiser. This past month shows why that's a pretty good approach.

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