Keeping Data Safe on the Other Side

Sue Marquette Poremba

Sharing data is a vital part of everyday business transactions, and for some companies, there is a lot of data exchanged.


However, this opens up companies for additional security risks. It's hard enough to keep data safe when it is totally under your control, but when sensitive data has to be shared with another company, what happens to that data is often out of your hands. How can you continue to monitor your data after you send it to someone else?


I spoke to Adi Ruppin, vice president of marketing and business development at Confidela. As he told me, when companies share sensitive data, the recipients hold all the cards, so to speak, in what is done with the information. It can be printed, e-mailed to other employees, saved on external hard drives, and so on, and the sender can do little to nothing about it. That's why enterprises might want to consider data-monitoring services, programs that allow the sender to control how the recipient is able to access and modify the data.


When Ruppin showed me Confidela's WatchDox service, I was reminded of PDFs and their limited editing ability. But this goes a few steps further, in that through a monitoring service like this, the sender can determine whether the document can be printed or saved as another file. The sender has a great deal of control over the security of the documents.


This is a big deal when you consider the increasing number of breaches caused by third-party error . As Ruppin told me:


Companies do need to cooperate and share documents. You can't stop that, so you need to secure it wherever the data goes.

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