Configureless Firewalls Provide Security to Remote Offices

Sue Marquette Poremba
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While at the Kaspersky Lab Cyber Conference this week, I couldn't help but notice how global the company is. I met Kaspersky employees from all over the world. It was a good up-close view of just how the workplace has changed, in large part thanks to technology.


Of course, you don't have to be a large corporation to have multiple offices. I've known situations where an employee, relocating because of a spouse's job opportunity, was able to keep his or her job because they could work remotely. For example, a friend moved to Iowa but was able to keep his job with a small Pennsylvania business and used technology like real-time collaboration and Skype to work with co-workers on projects.


However, as business relies less on employees congregated in one location, network security will continue to be a major challenge and concern. I had the chance to talk with Bill Prout, a technical engineer with Sophos, on one way to improve security for branch or remote offices: the configureless firewall.


One of the greatest challenges in securing remote offices is that oftentimes remote offices do not have IT staff on hand to manage security devices. Prout told me:

Additionally, it can be cost prohibitive to deploy a traditional firewall at a branch office with only a few employees. As a result businesses either forgo deploying a security solution or deploying separate security devices at each office location to ensure each office is secure creating a huge administrative burden. We know of one company that has eight offices with a combined workforce of less than 100 employees. The time it would take the network administrator to install, maintain and update eight separate security appliances would negate many of the benefits of having a distributed workforce to begin with.

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Feb 10, 2012 6:34 AM BryGuy BryGuy  says:

Can you provide an example of a "configureless firewall"?  You mentioned an Astaro Red but that still needs setup (configured), still requires a technician to go on-sight if something goes wrong and to manage upgrades and changes.  tnx


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