Built-in Security Soon to Be Available to PCs

Sue Marquette Poremba

I remember talking to someone from McAfee after the company was purchased by Intel, and there was a lot of excitement in the person's voice as he explained how this could revolutionize computer security. He envisioned security built into Intel chips and how cool would that be?


Well, now we're there. McAfee introduced its new technology, DeepSafe. It marries Intel's chip hardware with McAfee's security software, imbedded into the computer itself. The plan is, rather than be reactive to security threats, DeepSafe will be proactive in preventing breaches and malware from getting into the system. DeepSafe will use virtual memory to spot and then block rootkits that otherwise land on a computer without detection.


I think this is an exciting development. I've felt that security has been reactive too long, but just hadn't come up with a solid way to be proactive in its fight against security threats. I love the idea of being able to have a machine with security built right in. Although, as the Wall Street Journal pointed out:


DeepSafe will be available later this year, appearing first for enterprise use, and eventually into Intel's mobile chips, likely within a couple years.

This isn't the only move to marry security to a specific product. Microsoft announced that the upcoming Windows 8 will have antivirus software built in.


I hope this is just the beginning of computer software and hardware and operating systems that automatically blend security into the end product. I am sure the bad guys will only work harder to come up with new malware to worm into the better protection, but I really like the idea of letting the computer fight the battle. Hopefully these advancements will cut down on the number of employees and everyday computer users who unwittingly let their computers become infected because they don't understand how to implement good security practices.

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