As Enterprise iOS Use Increases, So Does the Need for Improved Security

Sue Marquette Poremba

The battle of the smartphone platforms continues.


In Zscaler's second quarter report, the security company found that iOS is leading the pack when it comes to enterprise use among the three major mobile device platforms (BlackBerry is second, with Android coming in third). BlackBerry's security features have always been its strength, and we know that Android has its security flaws, but what about iOS? Apple fans will argue with me that iOS has little to no security problems (I've had that argument more times than I want to count), but is it really secure enough to be the prominent player in the work force?


A recent Symantec study compared the security of iOS and Android. In the white paper, "A Window Into Mobile Device Security," the point was to look at the platform's security strengths and weaknesses. An article in eWeek pointed out one of iOS' weaknesses:

Even though Apple offers built-in hardware encryption for all on-device data, the way it handles decryption is a potential vulnerability. The encryption key is stored on the device but not protected by the user's master passcode. If an attacker gains physical control of the device and jailbreaks it, the data is fully accessible to the thief without knowing the passcode, Symantec found.

And then there is the simple matter of convincing iOS users that they need to install anti-virus software. According to a ZDNet article, even Apple has "quietly" admitted the importance of security and AV software. Perhaps Apple needs to speak a little louder, especially since the devices are now being found on a growing number of executives' desks.

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Aug 17, 2011 9:01 AM Artan Artan  says:

Probably the reason why is because it downgrades the speed of the mac. I found this to be true on my mac


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