Infortrend Unveils Two New NAS Lineups for SMBs

Paul Mah

Storage solution provider Infortrend has announced the availability of two new product lines in the company's EonNAS family of network attached storage (NAS) appliances. Targeted at SMB and SOHO organizations, the EonNAS Pro and the EonNAS 1000 Series offers a collection of advanced features that are more typical of an enterprise-grade SAN than a NAS.

The EonNAS Pro family comes in a tower format and is available in models ranging from 2 to 8 hard disk drive (HDD) bay offerings; the EonNAS 1000 Series is rack-mountable and offers between 4 to 12 HDD bays. The company says the devices are easy to deploy and support file sharing on multiple platforms such as Windows, Mac and UNIX/Linux workstations.

Both the EonNAS Pro and EonNAS 1000 Series run on the ZFS file system and offer a number of advanced features that include data deduplication, corrupt data self-healing, snapshot and pool mirror capabilities. Designed by Sun and first introduced in 2005, the ZFS file system offers advanced data integrity protection by automatically detecting and recovering from silent data corruption. The ZFS file system is also capable of scaling beyond the largest storage systems available today.

Infortrend claims that its block-based deduplication technology achieves storage savings of up to 90 percent; this means that 10TB of data on a traditional NAS could take up as little as 1TB of storage space on the company's storage appliances. This makes the company's NAS particularly useful as a target for performing data backup, or to support the deployment of virtualization. Onboard data compression further increases storage efficiency while thin provisioning allows for flexibility when allocating storage capacity and eliminates a source of management headache.

Another advanced feature that caught my attention is the pool mirror function, which offers real-time data replication between two different systems. This allows for a separate appliances to seamlessly take over in the event of an irrecoverable hardware error on the primary system. Furthermore, data on the EonNAS appliances can also be backed up to external disk drives via USB or eSATA interfaces.

According to the press release, Infortrend says the EonNAS family delivers performance of more than 100MB/s, or up to 180MB/s when transferring files using FTP. The speed appears to be merely indicative, however, since the top-end models of both product families come with 10 Gigabit LAN ports.

Intense competition means that the average NAS these days already packs more features than most SMBs would ever use. This has resulted in manufacturers focusing their attention on enhancing the manageability and interface of their products. In contrast, the new lines from Infortrend look impressive and offer compelling enterprise-grade capabilities in a package that is suited for smaller businesses.

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