Consider Remote Backup Services Crucial to Business Continuity

Paul Mah

New research published by Connect Support Services reveals that 22 percent of companies are already using remote backup services in some form or other, with a further 28 percent saying that they will switch over from traditional tapes within the next three years. A key finding I found interesting was the fact that small businesses are actually less likely to switch to online backup than larger enterprises, which I feel is unfortunate.


Earlier this year, I wrote about the need to actually test the data that has been backed up. Another important aspect of backup that I did not delve into at that time was the need to ensure that at least one copy of all the archived data is kept at a separate and secured location.


Ideally, this separate location should be some geographical distance away from the actual site. The rationale behind this is simple; the storing of critical business data is the only way to guarantee the ability to recover it should disaster strike. Disasters can come in the form of natural disaster - think about the recent Australian bush fires, or acts of terrorism, or a hurricane, as Susan Hall wrote about recently.


Unfortunately, it is not always convenient or affordable to maintain backups at a different site. For SMBs that demand the assurance that their business will not fail or go bankrupt due to the lack of proper backups, performing an online mirror of your local backup gives the same advantage as maintaining a remote copy.


So if you haven't done so yet, do consider using online backup services.

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Mar 30, 2009 10:22 AM Samantha Samantha  says:

I have found that the BackUPMAX Online Backup service for Mac and Windows has far more features and better security. It can even help locate a lost computer and erase sensitive data from stolen computers by remote! Here's a link to a secret page with a free six month account:

BackUPMAX was written by these guys: and they sell software that can put anyone into the online backup business with the same kinds of features as in your article.

Dec 19, 2009 9:27 AM Adrian Adrian  says:

we've found using remote replication services with fail over more than served our needs. For this we'd consulted a company in Connecticut -  Phantom Data Systems. What we simply do is replicate out data in real time and we have about 1TB worth of data. The first dump was slow we had to bring the server (actually it was our own dell backup server). One the initial dump was accomplished, we shipped the machine to Phantom Data Systems data center in Norwalk Connecticut and setup secure remote connection with real time backup and failover. Testing went well and now if there's an outage we automatically failover to our second server at Phantom Data - Every business surely needs this as the benefits are almost instantaneous.



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