You Think You've Got Integration Problems?

Loraine Lawson

Whatever challenge enterprise IT departments may face, IT workers in the medical industry always seem to be able to one-up it. It's almost as though the whole medical community says, "You think you've got IT problems? I've got IT problems. Try integrating a server with an emergency room heart monitor while gathering data from a doctor performing CPR."


In many ways, the medical community lags behind other industries when it comes to technology. Sure, they may have be able to rebuild your face, but ask them to run an analysis of a patient's medical history, complete with real-time data from the patient's in-room monitors, and suddenly, they're all thumbs.


This NetworkWorld piece sheds some light on why integration is so difficult in medical settings. They're not just trying to integrate real-time data -- they're trying to work around a slew of medical equipment and find a way for doctors and nurses to provide real-time data without being confined to a keyboard, all while ensuring no one trips over the computer cables during a critical surgery.


Still, the techies in the medical community are making progress. Even if you're not involved with IT in the medical industry, read this piece on medical data integration. At least it will give you a modicum of hope the next time you're facing a seven-hour wait in the ER.

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