Will You Print Your Next Mother Board?

Loraine Lawson

Do you think you've blown your motherboard? Hey, I know: Have your administrative assistant print out a new one.


Did I say "print out?" Why yes. Yes I did. And all you'll need is a bit of silver salt solution, vitamin C and a standard office printer. Oh, and a bunch of Leeds University researchers.


The goal is to print electronic circuits, RFID chips and inductive coils using an ordinary printer. Given all the trouble printers give us, why would anyone want to do such a thing? To create a safer, cheaper and more environmentally friendly way to manufacture electronics -- without using solvents.


As the NewScientistTech explains, first you print a pattern, then a reducing agent is printed over the top to create a solid form. I'm sure it's so easy, there'll soon be free Microsoft templates for it.

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