Voice Search: Not Quite Talking Car, but Close

Loraine Lawson

You know technology has arrived when Mom can use it to find a great deal on at a nearby pizza place.


Or, at least, that's how I know. Voice searching is almost there, according to this article. But it's still a bit iffy, particularly when it comes to giving the right results.


Currently, a slew of companies are experimenting with voice search. Most of the efforts, including the one spearheaded by Google, focuses on how to use voice search with a mobile phone. This has obvious business benefits that have been rehashed for years now, but if you've forgotten, you can read up on it in the article.


A more interesting solution, however, is by VoiceBox Technologies. That company is developing voice search for cars. Basically, you can say, "traffic," and the system searches nearly 200 channels for a relevant traffic report.


As writer Tricia Duryee notes, the technology is like KIT from Knight Rider, except, I hasten to add, without the "witty" '80s banter.


It's not quite the flying Jetson car I've dreamed of, but we're moving in the right direction.

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