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Eight Big-Name Options for Big Data

Right now, Hadoop and Big Data in general are primarily the domain of the high-tech, but that's changing quickly.


Matt Howard, a Big Data investor and general partner at Norwest Venture Partners (NVP), expects it will be enterprise-ready within the next 18 months. In a recent GigaOm piece, he points out that many Fortune 500 companies are already experimenting with Hadoop.


His prediction is that the next year and 2013 will be the breakout years for mainstream adoption of Hadoop. Then again, there are already companies offering Hadoop via the cloud, which could accelerate the hype cycle, making Big Data relevant to more companies more quickly than we'd otherwise see.


What this means for you, dear tech and business executives, is that it's not too soon to start to explore what Big Data can offer you. The good news is that you can't swing a dead laptop around the Internet without hitting something related to Big Data these days.


If you'd like a chance to actually ask questions and talk with experts about new Big Data offerings - without spending money - then you might want to check out this week's webinars on the topic:


  • Tomorrow, (March 6), at 12 p.m. ET, Informatica continues its Big Data Tuesday series with a look at how you can extract value from unstructured data using MapReduce. MapReduce is an open source Apache solution that's part of the Hadoop stack, but is also used with other storage solutions. This looks like a great option for integration specialists, rather than those wanting to get a general overview of Big Data solutions. In addition to an Informatica expert, there will be representatives from AsterData/Teradata and Cloudera, which offers an enterprise distribution of Hadoop. You can find a registration link to this event in the full list of upcoming webinars in the once-a-month series.
  • Wednesday, March 7, at 10 a.m. PST, you can learn about how businesses can put Hadoop and other Big Data tools to work during GigaOm Pro free webinar, "Hadoop, Big Data and Business: Match Made in Heaven." This is specifically for IT decision makers, including CIOs and data managers/developers, although of the two, it will probably be the most friendly for newcomers. The focus will be on how Big Data solutions differ from traditional data warehouse solutions, some examples of how Hadoop is being used to address Big Data challenges, and a discussion on how enterprises can get started with Hadoop.

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