Telecoms Set Sights on Systems Integration Market

Loraine Lawson

Could the next systems integrator you hire be Verizon?


If you're the Army Reserve, the answer is a definite yes.

Verizon just nabbed a contract from the Army Reserve to provide managed services for its networks. You can read the press release, but what's really interesting about this deal isn't mentioned there-but you will find it in Nick Wakeman's Washington Technology blog post on Verizon's $32 million contract with the Army Reserve.


What's the big deal here? Verizon-a telecom-competed with and beat out systems integrators for what is essentially a systems integration contract, according to Wakeman. It's a deliberate move by Verizon, which makes no bones about its plans to invade the market traditionally dominated by systems integrators.


In fact, the telecoms aren't even trying to sugar-coat it for the SIs. Wakeman includes this unambiguous quote from Susan Zeleniak, group president of Verizon Federal: "We're moving into the SI world."


Wakeman writes that this notion of telecoms moving into the SI space isn't new, but he believes it's reached a critical mass, and the telecoms are well positioned to offer a "plethora of services" and make some "surprising bids," which could translate into nice edge against traditional SI players.


Earlier this year, I shared how the telecoms are working on a new architecture that would allow them more flexibility. This service-oriented network, or SON, would bring the flexibility of SOA to their networks, potentially making it possible for telecoms to become SaaS and cloud providers. It could also go a long way to address Web 2.0 integration problems.

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Dec 24, 2009 1:42 AM Sanjeev Sanjeev  says:

There is nothing new about telecoms trying to get in to SI space and making a mess of it. BT Global Services tried very hard and almost brought down its parent.

The deal in question is a traditional area that has been long addressed by enterprise arm of major telecoms. The whole notion of providing cloud and SAAS to enterprise customers is long way off. Telcos have not been able to defend their home turf of retail customers from the companies like Apple, RIM and Google. SI business requires skilled workforce, technical know-how and service provider orientation of workforce. These attributes are hard to acquire unless grown organically over a long period of time.


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