SOA Talk Turns to Governance

Loraine Lawson

Maybe I'm cynical - okay, yes, I am cynical. But it seems to me there's an inevitable flow with technology in the enterprise, and it always ends in a scramble for governance.


First, there's a new technology. Someone tries it out. It goes well. Someone else tries it out. It goes very well. Then the vendors and trade press pick up on it. And, lo, much hype is born. Before you know it, everybody's launching new initiatives.


And from all of this activity, companies reap ... Chaos.


It's at this point that everybody starts talking about governance.


So, it makes perfect sense to me that SOA governance is a big topic now.


The most recent announcement comes from BEA Systems, which will sell AmberPoint's SOA runtime governance software as part of its AquaLogic product suites. This new BEA offering will be called AquaLogic SOA Management (ALSM).


The point is to provide visibility and management of services across the enterprise. ALSM will be fully integrated into BEA's SOA Governance platform and promises to bring order to companies using BEA's SOA solution. How? According to ebizQ, it allows organizations to enforce centralized policies across all services. It will also help insure quality of service. In effect, this will give companies a tool for putting everybody on the same SOA page - and keeping them there.


After all, what's the point of using SOA if everybody's doing something different and there's no quality control?


Perhaps there is some mystical force that requires this organic unfolding of enterprise technology. Perhaps it's impossible to talk about governance until we're right in the middle of needing it. Perhaps there's no way around the chaos.


So, if there can't be planning, at least let there be governance.

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