SaaS and IT: Co-Dependents?

Loraine Lawson

You know you've got an integration problem when you have to employ temps to take orders from one system and key them into another. Every day.


That's one of the examples given in this InfoWorld article, "The Five Tenets of SaaS Integration." The piece argues that gone are the days when SaaS and IT could live without one another. For SaaS to work long-term -- and really work, without the rekeying temps -- IT's going to need to be involved in integrating the SaaS solution with backend apps.


Likewise, the senior director of platform and product marketing at contends that already-overwhelmed IT departments really do need SaaS providers to solve some of the easier integration challenges.


I wonder about that claim. It sounds a bit self-serving for I think the real issue might be that IT is stuck with SaaS providers that business users find useful.


The piece goes on to look at some possible solutions -- hosted middleware or appliances, for instance.

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Nov 3, 2007 12:46 PM R Nayak R Nayak  says:
The fact that business users chose to use a SaaS providers offering means that they recognized some business benefits. There could be many reasons for not using the companies' IT resources to fulfill the need - schedule, cost for instance. To therefore say IT is stuck with SaaS offering does not do justice to the work put in by the provider to add value to the buyer's business.IT resources are usually overwhelmed and should be used for the core business. Clearly the non core business applications bought from or outsourced to SaaS vendors have to be integrated to the core applications for the business to function. So it is a 2 - way street for integration. It is unfortunate that IT departments are not treated as integral parts of the business. If they were treated as such, then the choice of using an external SaaS vendor would have been an IT department decision. Reply
Nov 7, 2007 5:22 AM Christian Smagg Christian Smagg  says:
The issue of whether SaaS is truly a core disruptive technology and business services phenomenon is no longer in doubt. SaaS is now a basic fact of life in IT and in business. Already, SaaS has moved from simple to sophisticated and from a departmental adjunct, to becoming a fundamental part of business and IT infrastructure & operations.The increasing presence of cloud-based SaaS business solutions that must be integrated with on-premise applications will require SaaS Integration Platforms (SIPs) and Enterprise Service Busses (ESBs) to form coherent and flexible IT portfolios of integrated business solutions. Hybrid application architectures are emerging SaaS is increasingly linked to on-premise data, applications and processes.For further insight on this topic, please visit www.saastream.com Reply

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