Now It's "Anything 2.0"

Loraine Lawson

In the 1990s, it wasn't uncommon for companies to change their names, adding .com for market cache. Now, for similar reasons, 2.0 is being attached to everything -- and sometimes causing a ruckus. And Web 2.0 was only the beginning. The most recent example is the use of the term Enterprise 2.0 by Deepak Alur, vice president of engineering for the JackBe Corporation. The company has interesting products, no doubt about it, and may not need to engage in this kind of hype.


Saugatuck Technology used the term SaaS 2.0 to describe a new phase for software-as-a-service where there will be less focus on cutting costs and more on process improvement.


And then there's Call Center 2.0, used to describe the combination of Ajax technology and mashups as applied to call centers. But the most grievous example is SOA 2.0. This is a term being floated by Oracle to describe the current form of SOA with an event-driven approach to IT. The term is also being championed by Yefim Natis of Gartner Group.


Many of the individuals who have championed SOA within their companies are furious that another term has appeared to further darken already muddy waters. In fact, over 400 people have signed an online petition protesting the use of the term SOA 2.0.


The problem here is that there are still plenty of people in the IT community who don't clearly understand what might be called SOA 1.0, if we were silly enough to do that.

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Aug 29, 2006 4:51 AM Jeff Schultz Jeff Schultz  says:
I like NIck Fera's comment that its really Enterprise 20.0 because it is no different than what enterprises have been doing for decades... Reply

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