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Loraine Lawson

Google popped up all over the world today after announcing its new universal search. Universal search moves searches beyond HTML pages to search videos, news, blogs and so forth -- but all on one page.


That's nice, but then I learned it's a bit more complicated after reading this piece from PC World, which offers pictures and a nice walk-through of universal search. Apparently, Google doesn't just break the search by type, but aims at results -- news in with blogs and video -- that's arranged in an order that "intelligently" mixes everything together, according to the writer.


Frankly, it's not that new. This isn't anything you couldn't do with Google previously. Google's just made it easier by putting it all on one search return page and adding a new navigation bar.


I was more intrigued by the other Google announcements not mentioned in some news articles and buried in others.


My top pick: A translation service that will convert my queries into other languages, search the whole Web, and then convert the results back into English for me. Or Hindi, or Chinese, or Spanish, or whatever language your query happened to be. This was reported on Information Week via Reuters.


Second favorite: Google Experimental, which will let users test out new incarnations of Google's search engine. You can find out about Google Experimental on the second page of CIO Today's story or, for more detail and links, on M&C.

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