New Bio Battery: Great for Environment, Robots

Loraine Lawson

Here's some exciting news: Sony has created a bio battery that "generates electricity from carbohydrates utilizing enzymes as its catalyst," reports. That's basically the way living organisms produce power.


Which is great news. Not only is this bio battery good for the environment -- since sugar is a plentiful and renewable resource -- but it's a particularly important breakthrough if you belong to a highly evolved class of robots bent on turning the human race into one big battery while distracting them with an artificial "matrix."


Sony presented its research at the American Chemical Society National Meeting & Exposition in Boston this week. So far, the bio battery's test sales have produced 50 megawatts of power, enough to run a flash memory music player.


The article goes into some detail about how the bio battery breaks down sugar and news of a related breakthrough: a new cathode structure that supplies oxygen to the electrode but still ensures the water content is maintained.

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Oct 3, 2007 11:50 AM Sara Sara  says:
Output is 50 milliwatts, not megawatts. Reply

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