Microsoft's Coolest Innovation

Loraine Lawson

Not too long ago, I said Microsoft is more about business acumen than technical innovation.


I stand corrected.


Yesterday, Microsoft introduced Surface Computing, a new technology that lets people interact with computers through touch, hand gestures and even by plopping down a cell phone or other physical object.


This product is so innovative that Microsoft even rolled out Mr. Chairman, Bill Gates himself, to introduce it.


It can turn a tabletop into a computer interface, reading 52 touches, which means an entire corporate board could use it as a whiteboard. It can read optical tags, so you can set your camera on the screen and it will download the photos. I bet you can even play Solitaire on it. You laugh, but if you read the whole article, Gates says it's a great way to play games with his children.


Gates may have it in his own home, but it'll be awhile before it's in yours. According to Business Week, the first 30-inch tabletop units will be priced between $5,000 and $10,000, and will primarily be sold to hotels, retailers and Harrah Entertainment's Las Vegas properties. The article says Harrah's will use it to allow customers to buy concert tickets or make dinner reservations with their rewards cards. But I'm thinking it's going to redefine the blackjack table.

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