Managing Data Integration? There's an App for That

Loraine Lawson
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Here's an announcement that will probably make a few anti-Apple heads explode in the IT department: Informatica unveiled an iOS-based app last week for monitoring and administering cloud integration jobs via an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.


Don't worry, an Android version will follow, although there's no word on when.


Still, the idea of managing data integration remotely on your phone is pretty darn cool, and certainly adds a new angle to this "consumerization of IT" issue.


The app currently goes under the less-than-catchy name Informatica Cloud administration application for iPhone. The new tool was unveiled at's Dreamforce conference, held last week in San Francisco, reports CRN.


It's free for clients of the Informatica Cloud integration service, and is used exclusively for managing jobs on any version of that offering, from the Basic to Enterprise. With the app, administrators can:

  • Check the status of data integration tasks.
  • Monitor Informatica Cloud system usage.
  • Schedule data integration jobs.
  • Troubleshoot jobs.
  • Receive alerts.
  • Access Informatica support.


The data integration vendor reports that its cloud-based integration service performs 3 million integration jobs and processes 20 billion cloud data transactions each month.


Approximately 21 percent of U.S. companies now use some sort of mobile-based tool for IT support, according to research by the 451 Group. I decided to check around the Apple and Android app stores to see what else I could find for enterprise data integration. I didn't really find anything in the Android Market - and please do post a comment if I'm wrong and you know of something - but I found two additional products in the Apple App store:


The IBM Sterling InFlight Data Management Mobile, which allows "B2B integration teams to search, view, track and monitor data processed through the Sterling Commerce integration-as-a-service platform and exchange with their trading partners via a mobile device."


myEnterprise, which describes itself as "a sophisticated and fully customizable data integration platform," but actually seems to be more about giving you search-and-read access to Web-based applications.

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