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Loraine Lawson

Service-oriented architecture is supposed to be an architecture - not a solution you buy from a vendor. But as more companies offer stack solutions, there's been some criticism in the SOA community that some may be "buying" SOA solutions, rather than actually changing to building a true architecture based on standards. And, obviously, if your SOA locks you into one company's version of SOA, it's not really SOA, is it?


Fair enough.


One way to avoid this trap is to steer toward open source solutions. How can you learn more about open source SOA, you may ask?


Funny you should mention it, because ebizQ just happens to be offering a Webinar next Thursday called, "Optimizing Open Source and SOA Strategies."


IT executives are invited to 2-5 Webinars a week - at least, that's what this article said - and I can believe it. So, I try to be careful when I recommend one. In general, I find ebizQ Webinars worthwhile. I also like it when they're on an unusual topic and feature an analyst or a case study, as opposed to a sales pitch from a vendor.


This one will feature Gartner analyst Mark Driver. It's a bit of a preview for Gartner's 2007 Open Source Software Summit, which happens in September. Driver will discuss the technical and business trends for open source and discuss the role of open source in SOA strategies. He's also going to discuss the Open Source Software Maturity Index - which basically means he'll be telling you which solutions are tried and true enough for cautious IT enterprises.


The event is hosted by Red Hat, although there's no mention of a speaker from Red Hat - it's a bit of an an oddity for Webinars not to include someone from the hosting company pushing a product, so don't be surprised if you end up hearing a pitch at the end. That's not to dismiss the vendor's contribution; I've attended Webinars where the most informative part came from the vendor or someone who'd bought a product.


The event is scheduled to begin at 12 p.m. Eastern Time, Aug. 9, - so pack a sack lunch the night before.


If you'd like to learn more about open source and SOA before the Webinar, check out my interview with Pierre Fricke, director of product line management for SOA products at Red Hat. We talked in May about the value of using open source solutions for SOA.

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