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Loraine Lawson
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Harnessing the Wisdom of Business Intelligence

Valuable insight into BI usage and products currently in the market.

Organizations are keen to make smarter decisions, and to do that, they're focusing on the data served up by business intelligence solutions. The question is: Are these BI tools and the infrastructures that support them up to the tasks? Absolutely - assuming, of course, we can get around to it.


Where we are now

Even though the tools for BI are well known, deployment of them is not as widespread as you might think - at least if a Bloor Group survey of 318 individuals is any indication. Here's where we stand now when it comes to BI.


75 percent. Organizations that already have reporting tools for BI.


51 percent. Organizations in that same survey that have dashboards - although, to be fair, this BI tool ranked at the top of the "currently being deployed" application list.


58 percent. Organizations already using ETL, data management or data federation tools as middleware to support BI.


22 percent. Organizations from the same survey who have already implemented master data management as a middleware for BI.


14 percent. The organizations that have data virtualization/data mashup tools as middleware for BI.


What about the cloud?

While the cloud may provide a quick solution for CRM and other enterprise apps, the experts say BI won't fare as well in the cloud.


3 percent. Percent of business intelligence revenue Gartner estimates will come from BI cloud offerings - even though every major BI platform vendor will have one - by next year.


Meanwhile, Back on Earth

OK, so maybe there's work to do when it comes to building a BI infrastructure - which explains why so many organizations are planning to do BI-related projects in 2012 and beyond.


#2 IT priority for 2012? Self-service BI, according to the Bloor Group, which found the top-ranked IT priority for the coming year would be integration with operational processes.


#1 in the get-around-to-it category? Predictive analytics ranked as the top choice for the BI projects organizations "plan to implement."


36 percent. Organizations that say they plan to implement data governance tools to support an information-oriented architecture, according to the Bloor Group. Twenty-one percent say they're currently working on data governance, which will prove crucial to trustworthy BI.


35 percent. Organizations planning to start MDM, while 22 percent are currently in the process of doing so, according to the same report.


"Critical." MDM, if you want to succeed at information governance, according to Gartner.


Will it work?

I'll be honest. It doesn't sound good ...


Less then 30 percent. Gartner's guess as to how many BI initiatives will align analytic metrics completely with enterprise business drivers.

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Mar 27, 2012 3:30 AM Software AG Software AG  says:

"Predictive analytics ranked as the top choice for the BI projects organizations 'plan to implement.'

That makes a lot of sense. Enterprises have so much data to shift through that without predictive analytics they'd almost always be playing catchup. Having the system do the heavy lifting is a much more efficient way to manage tasks.


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