Free Report Predicts Data Virtualization Will Cut Integration Costs

Loraine Lawson
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Seven Data Virtualization Keys

Consider applying seven secrets practiced by your enterprise counterparts to make your own advanced data virtualization projects and architectures successful.

Last week, I wrote several pieces on data virtualization, starting with Forrester Research's recent prediction that this approach is on the cusp of widespread adoption. Since that report costs $499, I had to rely on excerpts from tech news publications that apparently had access to the full report.


But this week, we can all download and read the full report for ourselves without spending a dime, thanks to Composite Software, which, along with other virtualization vendors, is mentioned in the report.


"Data Virtualization Reaches Critical Mass" was released on June 15, so this is a fresh analyst report. It's written for enterprise architects and warns that there are factors at play that require EAs to use alterative approaches beyond ETL and database management systems:

Absent an enterprise architecture for integration that addresses short-term demand, the business will find workaround solutions to meet silos of demand, often leading to further expense and data quality problems. Proliferation of spreadsheets, Microsoft Access databases, and copy-and-paste data movements are examples - and we are all too familiar with their impacts.

The report explores an intriguing approach to architecture it calls the "Hourglass Architecture," although that's probably of more interest to EAs than the rest of us. Otherwise, it's very readable.


As far as the business and IT executives are concerned, much of the meat was well covered last week. That said, the full report does include these gems:

  • A prediction that using data virtualization technology could drastically drive down the costs of integration while allowing IT to deliver on projects faster. I think we'd all welcome that eventuality.
  • A listing of vendors that offer data virtualization solutions.
  • A full examination of what's changed recently that makes those solutions better equipped for widespread adoption.
  • Short case studies showing how real companies have put this technology to use.


For now, the white paper is linked from Composite Software's homepage where it's featured prominently in the rotating banner at the top. You can download a PDF of the report by providing the usual basic information. Composite's resource page lists the paper, as well as a number of other analyst reports. I'm not sure how long "Data Virtualization Reaches Critical Mass" will remain available, so you may want to download it now for later reading.

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