Do Androids Joke About Electric Chickens?

Loraine Lawson

Remember the scene from Blade Runner, when Deckard says to Leon, "Tell me about your mother," and Leon says, "My mother? I'll tell you about my mother ..."?


Imagine that scene like this: Deckard: "Tell me. Why did the chicken cross the road." Leon: "Chicken? I'll tell why the chicken crossed the road."


Not quite the same, is it?


Memory can be created. It's humor that we've long thought would always differentiate man from machine.


So, wouldn't you just know researchers would be working on a way to give robots humor?


According to the New Scientist, two researchers at the University of Cincinnati in Ohio have built a bot that can distinguish puns. Meanwhile, at the University of North Texas in Denton, researchers are working on a bot that can pick up on other jokes, largely through keyword association.

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Aug 6, 2007 12:58 PM Loraine Loraine  says:
My mistake. It wasn't Deckard in that scene. It was Holden. Reply

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