Companies Foresee No-Cool Data Center

Loraine Lawson

What would the ROI be on a data center that didn't need cooling? How much money could you say you'd saved the company in energy and space rental?


You may think this is a pipe dream, but IBM, Hewlett-Packard and Sun Microsystems beg to differ, according to this eWEEK article. During a recent panel discussion on green data centers at the Always On Stanford Summit, representatives from those companies agreed this dream data center is possible. In fact, all three have been researching and testing to make it happen.


Right now, they've managed to create no-cooling components.


The closest they've come to a full self-cooling data center is Sun's Blackbox, a self-contained shippable data center contained in a trailer-sized box. According to a Sun VP, all the Blackbox needs is is a concrete floor, a chilled water source, a power source, and -- presto! -- you've got a self-contained data center.

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