'Bringing Back the Sexy' for Enterprise Technology

Loraine Lawson

Bill Gates should read this blog. Seriously.


He got a bit feisty during a recent live Q&A and complained that no one writes about enterprise technology the way they do consumer tech:

The business computing market, which is way bigger than the consumer computing market, no one pays attention to it.

This caused a blog hailstorm, which isn't hard to do, with IT pundits pondering whether enterprise technology is capable of being as "sexy" as consumer tech and whether it should even try. It also led to at least one questionable headline that, nonetheless, I found funny.


It's true: Everyday enterprise tech isn't very sexy. But there's a good reason for enterprise technology companies and computer science researchers to find a way to make it more so: Venture capitalists are losing interest in funding enterprise technology.


Then again, it's not particularly sexy to talk about DVD players now, either. Everyone has one, and they're no longer new and different. Whether it's consumer or enterprise technology, it tends to get less sexy as users grow familiar with it. (Based on countless self-help books, you could say the same thing about some marriages.)


What is exciting is the emerging technology that will impact enterprises IT in the near and distant future -- and that's what I try to call attention to each week on this blog. Nanotechnology, slimmer and faster supercomputers, 3-D chips, robots, heck even bees and honey - that's sexy stuff, guys, and that's what you'll read about here.


Because just like Justin Timberlake, this blog is all about bringing back the sexy.

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