Bizarro World SOA: Where Good Is Bad

Loraine Lawson

Welcome to Bizarro World SOA, where the very features that make SOA such an attractive concept for IT organizations can be a problem.


You like that SOA gives IT more agility, the ability to quickly recouple code to create new applications quicker than a speeding bullet?


But look at that agility through the lens of Bizarro World SOA; suddenly, it means business users can create their own applications, leaving our hero, IT, out of control!


You like that SOA gives you access to new processes and allows you to easily integrate features from other vendors? But in Bizarro World SOA, that means blindly adopting software created by others. And who knows what villainy lies down that road?


Okay, maybe that's a bit dramatic. But as a piece published today on Baseline Magazine points out so well, if IT's going to reap the benefits of SOA deployments, you'll need to find a way to offset the risks.


The Baseline article, "SOA Adopters, at Conference, Discuss Model's Benefits and Drawbacks," is compiled from comments made at the annual BEA customer conference, held this month in San Francisco. The good news is, companies are excited about what they can accomplish with SOA, particularly as it pertains to integration. And the even better news is, the article offers guidance on how other companies are addressing the loss of control and trust issues surrounding their SOAs.


You'll also find a quick set of tips for for SOA Success at the end of the article.


Bottom line: Every change involves risk, and that includes shifting to a service-oriented architecture. But don't over-dramatize it. Manage it.

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