Big Data for the Rest of Us

Loraine Lawson
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The Business Impact of Big Data

Many business executives want more information than ever, even though they're already drowning in it.

It's always the really BIG data projects that make the headlines - things like Facebook migrating 30 petabytes of data. But what about companies without quite so much "BIG" in their Big Data? Is Big Data really any use for the rest of us?


Yes, it is, according to "Big Data: Beyond the Buzzwords," a new research note by Nuclear Research.


"While we often only hear about the big big big data projects, there are plenty of opportunities for organizations to leverage big data today for better business outcomes," the three-page paper states. "Looking at existing enterprise application capabilities, integration with cloud resources, and business-driven management tools are all good places to start."


"Big Data: Beyond the Buzzwords" is available for free download from Computer Weekly, and it outlines several business drivers for your more run-of-the-mill Big Data, as well as examining how enterprise applications will evolve to make better use of "everyday" Big Data stores, including the large data amassed but currently unanalyzed that sits in CRM and other enterprise systems.


Specifically, the research firm predicts vendors will introduce the following changes to enterprise applications:


  • Embedded analytics. The paper notes that Microsoft and Oracle are already starting to support this by "providing users with in-application data based on their current task or activity and more usable analytics through role-based dashboards."
  • A push-model for information, as opposed to the current pull-model. One example: Salesforce's Chatter, a social network that notifies you in stream of updates or changes to data.
  • Integration of role-based interfaces, as well as screens you can configure using multiple internal and external data sources.
  • "Usability innovations" that create more customized interfaces.


As I've shared before, vendors are rushing to support Hadoop and other forms of Big Data. I've covered several offerings recently from IBM, Informatica and Syncsort. I suspect we'll hear even more announcements coming off of next week's TDWI World Conference in San Diego.

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