BEA's SOA Plans for 2008

Loraine Lawson

BEA held its BEAWorld Shanghai conference this week and used it as a launching pad for a slew of announcements which, when you get down to it, just tell you how BEA plans to update its products in the coming year. Basically, the changes come down to two issues:

  1. More support for SOA. There's a lot of talk about enabling SCA (service component architecture). BEA says that SCA will make it possible for IT to build applications by assembling components, rather than writing code. So, essentially, SCA boils down to supporting SOA, too.
  2. Eclipse, Eclipse, Eclipse. Paul Patrick, vice president and chief architect at BEA, said the majority of developers using BEA also use Eclipse as their integrated development environment -- which also explains why BEA is focusing on Eclipse with its Workspace 360 products, which promise to give business and IT a common space for strategy managing business processes and services. It's also designed in a way that will better support SOA, as well as SCA (Service Component Architecture) for SOA, according to InfoWorld.

Everything else is just details. Here's a list of the announcements so you can read those for yourself:

The InfoWorld article includes information about WebLogic Integration 10.2, which will ship in the first quarter of the new year but is actually part of WebLogic's Server v10.2 offering. InfoWorld also notes that BEA will bundle WebLogic Integration with the AquaLogic Service Bus 3.0 and sell it as the AquaLogic Integrator 3.0 . It's designed to support SOA governance.

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