Amping up SOA

Loraine Lawson

I should probably be an adult and find you something really serious today-something about how SOA is helping to intermediate between warring factions in the Middle East or how integration is key to the health care crisis.


But it's Friday. And I woke up on the Big Kid side of the bed. So today, I'm loving this Network World article about how an SOA-savvy company called Artist 2 Market is turning the Web 2.0 amp up to 11 to help Spinal Tap make a comeback.


Actually, for those of you who are perpetually serious, I believe you'll find Artist 2 Market has discovered a rather unusual and compelling use case for SOA.


As we all know, gone are the days when you design a Web page for a standard-size screen or a laptop. You're not even designing for mobile applications-the smart companies are also designing for Twitter, Facebook and for reasons that continue to elude me, MySpace.


This is particularly true in the music industry, where musicians need to reach their young, hip audiences. Now, as the article points out, Spinal Tap's band members may be a half-century old, but when the group decided to do (another) reunion tour-Spinal Tap was hip enough to take advantage of Web 2.0 spaces to promote the band's tour and upcoming album, "Back from the Dead." (Already pre-ordered, thank you very much Network World!)


Enter Artist 2 Market, a company that realized it could leverage SOA to help musicians reach fans wherever they may be, on whatever they may use. I've shared before how successful SOA is in situations where you need to roll out essentially the same Web site, but customized for multiple partners. Well, Artist 2 Market extrapolated that lesson to Web 2.0, using SOA to adapt applications for different channels-mobile, MySpace, Facebook, Twitter.


Artist 2 Market built its components with Java tools, running mainly on UNIX systems. Musicians like Spinal Tap can then purchase customized services, essentially a la carte. The article explains some of the services; I was impressed that one tool even lets them monitor social networking fans and the number and tone of comments received about specific songs.


So, you see-Spinal Tap may be hilarious, but Artist 2 Market's use of SOA is no joke.


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