A Weather Report for the Internet Traffic

Loraine Lawson

Attention CIOs, CTOs, network admins, security pros and frustrated mobile users: If your connection is slow, there's now a way to find out if it's just you - or your whole city.


Akamai Technologies introduced a free online tool recently that gives you a picture of Internet traffic on a map. It looks a lot like a television weather report, actually, except it shows cyber attacks, traffic jams and usage spikes.


It lists the 10 cities currently experiencing the slowest connection speeds and the regions with the most network attacks, plus it indexes news, music and retail usage. According to the Physorg.com article, Akamai delivers 15-20 percent of Internet traffic daily and developed this tool for its customers, then decided to offer it for free online.


This isn't the only online service that tries to present a picture of online traffic, as the article explains. But, it's more detailed and, frankly, most useful. For instance, as of 2:36 p.m. EST, Colorado and California topped the nation in cyber attacks, with 40 and 33, respectively, attacks in the past 24 hours.

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