A Search Appliance, Just for Developers

Loraine Lawson

If your developers use open source code, you'll want to check out a new enterprise search tool, scheduled for release in late 2007. But even if they don't, this new search appliance may have other uses.


It's called Krugle. Like other search engines, it can help developers find open source projects that can contain the code your developers need to speed up whatever project they're working on.


What's unique about Krugle, though, is that it can help them find the exact lines of code they need for a function without downloading and scanning the entire, original project. It can also organize searches by programming language, from ActionScript to Yacc/Bison.


Krugle is already earning a name for itself by partnering with open source repository sites such as SourceForge.net and Collabnet, according to this article from PC World. But while developers can search online with Krugle, they can't search within the enteprise ... yet. A search appliance, currently in beta and scheduled for release this fall, would change that. According to the press release from Krugle, the enteprise appliance will bundle plug-ins for Eclipse and Microsoft Visual Studio, and provide an API to support other development environments.


According to Krugle's co-founder and CTO, Ken Krugler, developers spend at least 25 percent of their time searching to determine whether the code they need has already been written and, if so, finding it. Krugle reduces that search time.


Though the article doesn't mention it, I can't help but wonder how this new enterprise code search could affect SOA implementations.

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