A Data Integration Tuneup Can Save You Money

Loraine Lawson
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Top Ten Best Practices for Data Integration

Is it time for an upgrade in your data integration technology? Or do you just need a tuneup?


It turns out that data integration tools can be just like a car: They can run but become sluggish if they're not properly tuned and if you put too much demand on them. You may find that a data tool runs fine with low volumes, but as your data volumes increase, suddenly you start to see performance issues, according to data integration/SOA/cloud guru David Linthicum.


In a recent Informatica Perspectives post, Linthicum says typically the problem is in one of three areas:

  1. Transformation, which Linthicum explains as "the process of converting one or more source schemas to one or more target schemas." Mapping problems here can cause tiny delays that add up.
  2. Rules processing, which is the part of the tool that holds and processes all the rules about the data. Too many rules can hang up your processes. "The trick here is to learn to minimize the rules leveraged, or work with your data integration technology provider to make sure that they are optimized," says Linthicum.
  3. Data pipes, aka your network bandwidth and traffic. It may not be the tool so much as your network.


He gives more detailed advice in the blog post, but basically the take away is, have your IT staff, data integration vendor or consultant check out these potential hotspots before you budget for a new solution.


While we're on the topic of budgets, those of you in midsize companies might want to check out an upcoming webinar on handling data integration when dealing with a limited IT budget, IT staff or both. The focus will be on streamlining business-to-business transactions and data, with an eye toward cost-effective approaches.


It's hosted by Liaison, an integration and data services company, and one of its consultants will speak during the presentation. But you'll also be able to hear from Richard van der Hoek, an actual IT manager for the athletic-wear company, O'Neill Europe. Van der Hoek will share his experience integrating software for the company's wholesale division.


The event is scheduled for Wednesday, March 30, at 11:00am EDT (4:00pm CET).

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Apr 2, 2011 11:44 AM Michael Waclawiczek Michael Waclawiczek  says:

Please introduce us to the these folks.  Our company is very focused on mid-size businesses, and we would be interested in learning more about Liaison.


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