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After an enjoyable Sunday afternoon spent watching football with an old college friend, the conversational topic (somewhat inexplicably) turned to work happenings. The friend, a project manager for IT service and support, lamented that his team was so spread out across the globe that communicating project goals and progress was fast becoming a time sink.


Of course, I took the opportunity to plug IT Business Edge's IT Downloads library, where I mentioned several tools, calculators, book excerpts and other resources that could make a stressed-out PM's life a lot easier, such as Michael Taylor's Project Management Toolkit.


In the course of his gripe session, he professed growing annoyance at the steady stream of calls and texts from his team; his company even subsidized an iPhone 4 purchase so that he could keep up. The trouble is that my friend had never owned a cell phone, much less a smartphone.


He asked if ITBE had some sort of guide to basic operation, and I dropped some iPhone 4 "science" on him: CustomGuide's Apple iPhone 4 Quick Reference Guide. We had more gridiron contests to watch, but I explained that all the fundamentals were there, including:

  • Info on all the essential apps: Safari, Mail, Maps
  • Touchscreen gestures: Drag, Flick, Swipe, Tap, Pinch Zoom
  • The status bar icons
  • Cut and paste instructions


Similar to my post about a lawyer's iPad 2 dilemma, once again I found myself pleased to help someone remove some stress from the work day. After giving him the run-down, his tension visibly subsided, and we got back to task: trash-talking and rooting for our heroes.

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Apr 28, 2012 2:12 AM bios bios  says:

iPhone 4 looks like suports many great aplications.I wonder if exists a place where recycle used cell phones so I can sell my old cell and buy me an iphone.


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