You Can Never Be Too Strict About Password Policy

Amanda White

Passwords play just one of the many roles in keeping your organization’s data secure and safe, but it’s the first line of defense to keeping hackers at bay.

You can talk password security until you’re blue in the face, but unless you lay out clear guidelines for your employees to follow and for you to follow up on, you can never be sure if they really “get it.” After all, as Sue Marquette Poremba pointed out in a recent post, “users are lazy and hate coming up with different username/password combinations for every single account.” Even security experts are guilty from time to time. For that reason, she is a strong advocate for authentication systems that go above and beyond single passwords.

But to help you move your organization into the right direction with strong and secure passwords, we've included a few tools to make the process as simple and consistent as possible:

This Sample Password Policy is a great start to getting everyone on board with the need for stronger passwords.

If you already have a password policy in place, this research report, “Of Passwords and People: Measuring the Effect of Password-Composition Policies,” will help you evaluate your own policy for effectiveness.

Once you’ve laid out a clear policy, this PowerPoint on Protecting Your Passwords offers tips and tricks for creating difficult-to-break passwords.

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