Windows XP SP2 'Wheels Fall Off' Next Week

John Storts

I wasn't surprised to read that a PC Advisor poll found that 37 percent of Microsoft Windows users are still running XP. Back when Vista was first released, most of my IT colleagues disliked the OS so much that they swore they'd "run XP until the wheels fell off."


According to the poll, most Windows XP users are running SP3; my tech-savvy IT pals have probably migrated to Windows 7 by now, so they likely won't be affected by Microsoft's recent announcement that the company will officially drop support for Windows XP SP2 and all "flavors" of Windows 2000 next week. But those who still use XP SP2 or Windows 2000 will need to make the transition to Windows 7, or at least SP3, very soon (while you may be able to upgrade an XP machine to Windows 7, it might not be worth it). The wheels may not have fallen off, but if they do, Microsoft won't be helping to fix it after July 13.


While not surprised that many die-hards cling to XP, I am amazed that Microsoft still puts time and money into supporting Windows 2000. I completely understand wanting to make customers happy, and I also sympathize with holding onto something that works -- especially when budgets are tight. Microsoft, though, says it's time to move on.


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